About me

Arvy K. Nahar

Contracts Specialist

Arvy is a Contracts Specialist in the Oil & Gas industry, from London.

She has extensive commercial experience in the energy sector developed working for major Oil & Energy Clients within the City of London and Internationally. As such she has an in-depth understanding of energy markets, contracts and related commercial negotiations, including offshore and onshore project management. 

An expert in energy sector contracts, experiential skill-set garnered over the past 14 years of living and operating across the Middle East and Africa.  

Born in West London, Arvy began her career in the Oil Industry working as a Contracts Assistant-BP Angola, whilst studying part-time. Arvy’s wealth of experience and inspiration derives from her Grandfather, whose position as a mentor from an early age played an instrumental role in her life, an extraordinary property developer in London he embodies the true ‘rags to riches story’. 

In 2014 she managed, acquired and owned her own alluvial mining site in Obuasi-Ghana, governing a team of 12. By virtue of her in-country operational abilities, the exposure and successful bid negotiations led her to structuring offshore exploration contracts and contributing in executing highly sensitive commercial joint ventures, in which she played an instrumental role securing and developing future contracting opportunities worldwide.

Her commitment to African Local Content and Corporate Social Business responsibility, amplified her global PR exposure, including TV appearances and panel participation. A seasonal OPEC meeting attendee and United Nations participant, to date she has participated in a number of discussions, including Oxford University’s African Narrative Forum. 

As a contributing factor to the African Energy sector, Ms. Nahar is a critically acclaimed industry professional and recently published by Forbes Africa as an “Up and coming persons to watch”. She has held briefs from various African ministerial delegations and has since been involved in unilateral and bilateral international trade meetings.