ONLY4U Ambassador

Brand Ambassador & Italian Connection: 

In support of concept branding and global recognition Arvy. K Nahar was officially appointed as Global Ambassador for the Italian luxury brand Only4U. Only4U specialises in luxury tailored experiences promoting the “made in Italy” brand, with an emphasis on showcasing Italy’s finest products. The tenure of this role extends to building business synergies between Italian and African companies to promote unilateral and bilateral trade.  

The decision to become a Brand Ambassador is more than just a title, it’s an attribute you extend to the brand, as part of the Only4U Group I am proudly representing all of what is Italian excellence to key global audiences” -Arvy K. Nahar 


Why We Chose Arvy?

We chose Arvy as a Brand Ambassador and the decision was very clear, Arvy is like me, a true person driven by genuine values. She does it all with passion and she created a very important connection thanks to that with a lot of VIP persons from many different geographies. From the first time, I met her I had the impression to known her since ever. 

-Only4u CEO Isabella Perazzoli